OSCAR EMR Custom Development

"We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options. "
- David Suzuki -

Services [ what I can do to help you ]

OSCAR eForms are an amazing way that you can transform your current paper forms into a dynamic digital form in OSCAR. eForm’s don’t only allow you to recreate your existing forms they can help you to enhance your workflow. Contact me and I can either teach you to make your own or develop the eform for you.

OSCAR Reports there are lots of reporting options in OSCAR, two powerful tools are Query By Example and Report By Template. If you need help understanding these tools, any other reports in OSCAR or simply need a report created contact me.

OSCAR Flowsheets are not just simply a linear view of data they can be so much more. You can look at a flowsheet more of a home base for interactive data. Data that can come from labs, eforms, preventions, measurement groups, other flowsheets I can go on. Not only does flowsheets allow to connect different data it can also provide some decision support and so much more. Contact me and let me help you unleash the power of the flowsheets.

OSCAR Development the great thing about OSCAR is that it is open source. It is in OSCAR’s nature to be whatever you need it to be and OSCAR gives you the ability to make it what you want. If there is something broken we can fix it or if there is something missing we can build it. So for any OSCAR Development need contact me and let me show you why I love OSCAR so much.

Web Application Development if you are doing a redundant routine and can’t stop thinking there must be a better way I can help. If you know what you need to make your life or work more efficient but just can’t build it yourself I can help. We can build a custom content management system or any type of application that will make you stop pulling your hair out. contact me and let’s get started.

Website Development this is where I started and yes I still do it. If you need a site no matter how big or small I can help you to build it. From a simple one page site for your band or your lemonade stand I can help you out. If you have a large scale site for your company, organization or whatever the heck you're thinking I can help. Contact me and let’s see what we can do together.

Fix it Felix! if you have a website or web application that Ralph wrecked or simply a website or web application that is broken contact me and I can help you. And yes I do have kids.

Consulting not only can I build you something great I can also help advise you. Whether you need consulting on OSCAR or a web development project you can contact me and I can certainly help.



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